Baby Dedications


Let's dedicate your

new blessing from God.

We believe in dedicating children back to God, in the same biblical manner Hannah dedicated Samuel. At The Grove, baby dedications are held quarterly during our 11:00am Worship Experience, at Pastor Dow’s discretion. We only dedicate children between 6 months – 24 months. If you are interested in having your baby dedicated unto the Lord, please complete the form below.

To have your baby dedicated at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, at least one of the child’s PARENTS must be an active member of The Grove.

We encourage you to dress your babies in white clothing on the Sunday they will be dedicated.

Families are requested to arrive in the sanctuary 15 minutes prior to the start of service.

Photography and videography are permitted.

Baby Dedication

  • Child's Information

  • We generally only dedicate children that are 2 and under. If your child is past the cutoff, please explain in detail in the comment box below.
  • For Example: spouse and other children
  • For Example: early months of life, likes or dislikes, anything special about this pregnancy or delivery that reveals God’s goodness or faithfulness, etc. - “I went into labor on a ski slope!” or how you picked your baby’s name – these types of stories
  • Parental Information